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Christian Counseling

Faith Based Treatment
Life Counseling Services began in 1987 as a ministry of a local church. Our goal was to provide quality Christian counseling and psychiatric services using licensed professionals. Our services grew quickly, and soon we were receiving referrals from pastors and churches throughout the Delaware Valley.

As we grew, our mission expanded to touch people of all faiths. Dramatic changes in our nation’s health care system resulted in greater coverage for mental health concerns, making our counseling services even more accessible to those who needed them most. We saw this as a remarkable outreach opportunity. Motivated by God’s love, Christians have always sought to minister to the needs of their communities- physical needs as well as spiritual needs. So, Life Counseling continued in its calling to serve those in need, using the most effective methods possible.

Yet we didn’t want to forsake our original mission: offering biblically based counseling to Christians. Therefore, we launched our Christian Counseling Program in 2000. All counselors and psychiatrists involved in this program are committed Christians, not only demonstrating a living faith and commitment to Christ, but also specially trained in the integration of Biblical principles within the counseling process.

The therapists and psychiatrists of the Christian Counseling Program represent a wide range of denominations, but we’re united in emphasizing commitment to Christ and faithfulness to God’s Word. Recognizing that God is the one who ultimately provides healing in people’s lives, we rely on Him, making Scripture and prayer a crucial part of our work. Our goal is to help Christian clients draw closer to Christ and to find freedom in Him. At the same time we pray that non-Christian clients will be drawn to His light in our lives.

Most insurance plans are accepted. To schedule an intake or to see if Christian Counselors are available at a location near you, please contact our Intake Department at 1-800-238-HELP (4357).

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